Good news! The first update of 2020 has arrived!


  • Firmware: V2.3.0r0
  • iOS App: V.1.2.8 (304)
  • Android App: V1.4.4 (105)




The following new features have been added:


Gesture-activated backlight

In addition to holding down the BACK button, the backlight can now be activated by double tapping the watch, and by tilting the watch towards the user. While the backlight is activated, navigating through the screens will extend the backlight illumination time so you can now read screens in the dark! To set the backlight behavior, go to Settings > Backlight and press SELECT to toggle through the different options.



We’ve added a Stopwatch widget. 

  • Enter the Stopwatch widget by navigating to the Stopwatch screen and pressing SELECT. 
  • Press SELECT to start and stop the Stopwatch. 
  • While the Stopwatch is running, you can press UP to save a lap/split time in the sub-display. You can also hit BACK to return to the watch menus and the Stopwatch will continue running in the background.
  • When the Stopwatch is stopped, you can press UP to reset the Stopwatch. 



The new Timer widget works similarly to the Stopwatch. 

  • Enter the Timer widget by navigating to the Timer screen and pressing SELECT.
  • Press DOWN to enter program mode, and then use UP/DOWN/SELECT to set the timer duration in HH:MM:SS. Hit BACK to exit program mode. 
  • Press SELECT to start or stop the countdown.
  • While the Timer is running, it will update the gauge elements to visually indicate how much time remains. You can also hit BACK to return to the watch menus and the Timer will continue running in the background. 
  • When the Timer runs down, the watch will vibrate to alert you.
  • While the Timer is stopped, you can press UP to restore the previous timer setting (this is useful for repeating the same countdown), or hold UP to set to zero. 


Off-wrist detection

The watch detects if it is not being worn and will not track sleep or heart rate whilst in this state.


Accuracy Update

The watch pedometer has been recalibrated in the first phase of accuracy updates. We’ve calibrated the watch to match a worn foot pod and a known distance track for a large range of users and for a range of activities (walk, jog, run). You will now see an improved accuracy in step count and distance over prior firmware versions. 


Additionally, we have reprofiled the sensor noise and have now reset the thresholds to improve noise tolerance. This means sleep detection is now more robust and reliable.


These updates are targeted towards non-GPS activities and you will see the improvements primarily in the Step, Calorie, and Sleep charts in the app.


As shown below, the overall step count error has substantially improved from 14% to <3% error. The same updates translate to an improvement in overall distance error from 16% to <12%. The distance module is still being re-trained and we expect to see further improvements in the distance estimation in the next update.


For reference, in our internal survey of wrist-worn devices, we find that other competitive devices collecting similar pedometer metrics can exhibit 

  • >3% error in step count (vs <3% for PW2)
  • 20-30% error in distance (vs <12% for PW2)

The accuracy of PW2 exceeds the performance from other devices.



Some other improvements include:

  • Various watch notification bug fixes.
  • Various logging bug fixes.
  • iOS app now able to enable/disable sending data to Strava and Apple Health, sends correct distance and calories to Strava, and various app UI bug fixes.
  • Android app now shows improved sync progress indicator, sends correct calories to Strava and Google Fit, and various app UI bug fixes.
  • Updated user manuals for all languages on Android and iOS.



  • Alarm
  • iOS Offline Sync mode
  • Further speed improvements for GPS
  • More accuracy improvements, especially in GPS activities



Rogério Bezerra de Souza

Bom boa noite,
eu só Rogério:e falo do Brasil.

Eu to vendo muitas melhoras, mais desculpa a minha
(impressão) por não conhece totalmente a tecnologia do relógio ou powerwatch 2,
Mais eu vejo ser tem como acrescentar uma memória de (32 GB) ou ( 3 Ram) é (NFC) e no caso ser dê né,
E pra ter um contato telefônico ai não precisa de saida de som (não) pra não perde a pro tenção de aprova de Água,
O usuário ussa um Fone (Bluetooth) onde ele pode ouvir músicas é até chamadas,e cuanto o powerwatch onde ser ouver uma chsmada ou uma mensagem ou um imal e só vibra,como aviso,
E o que pode ajuda o usuário E o serviço do powerwatch como medidor de pressão, e Sport, por que até o NFC ajuda o usuário como for paga contas e até mesmo cuando for pega um simples ônibus .

Bom e uma ideia minha, Espero que ajude Boa sorte !!