The following new features have been added:

  • Firmware: V2.3.4r0
  • iOS App: V.1.2.9 (312)
  • Android App: V1.4.5 (116)



A new Alarm widget has been added.
• Enter the Alarm widget by navigating to the Alarm screen and pressing SELECT.

  • Press SET to enter program mode, and then use UP/DOWN/SELECT to set the timer duration in HH:MM:SS, AM/PM, and the alarm frequency. Hit BACK to exit program mode. 
  • Press DOWN, then press SELECT to toggle the Alarm ON or OFF.
  • When the Alarm is ON, a bell icon will be shown on the Home screen icon tray.
  • When the Alarm is triggered, the watch will vibrate to alert you.


Improved GPS Speed

The AGPS is now further enhanced and features improved lock times. Lock times of about 10s are fairly typical under open sky conditions.


Accuracy Update

This second phase of accuracy updates includes a GPS noise filter. The filter smooths out errors in location data and rejects position noise. In one case study, a 1 mile walk in a forested park area was logged on previous firmware to be over 2 miles, but accurately logged using the new firmware. You will now see an improved accuracy in distance over prior firmware versions. Distance readings while using the GPS should be well within 5% of ground truth.



Some other improvements include:
• Various watch notification bug fixes.

  • Various logging bug fixes.
  • Various translation fixes.
  • Reordered watch Settings menu.
  • Changed actuation criteria for watch Restart, Power Off, Factory Reset, Clear Bonding, Clear AGPS to be HOLD SELECT to avoid accidentally triggering these functions.
  • Various iOS and Android app bug fixes.




  • iOS Offline Sync mode
  • User preferences for Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch and Notifications
  • Updates for improved Bluetooth stability