The new PowerWatch firmware update is now available in the app. It includes calorie measurement improvements, in-app bug reporting, improved false step detection, power consumption improvements and more. More details below. Please let us know if you have any questions.




  • Watch accuracy updates for calories. The Calories calculations now include HR during activity and will produce a more accurate calorie measurement.


  • Improved filtering against false step detection. The step counts should no longer increment when washing dishes or while working at a desk!


  • In-app bug reporting feature added. Submit a bug report by tapping on My PowerWatch > Contact Support.


  • Various BLE bug fixes. These include changes to reduce BLE power consumption.



  • V2.4.0r1


iOS App:

  • V.1.4.0


Android App:

  • V1.4.7



The following new features have been added:


Accuracy Update

This fourth phase of accuracy updates improves calorie count accuracy, by accounting for the heart rate in the calorie estimation. Previously, the calorie estimate only took into account the amount of activity measured by steps or distance (“Active”, green line) and added contributions due to thermoregulation (“ModAmb”, orange line). By adding a new contribution due to the heart rate (“ModHR”, red line), the total calorie count (“A+Mods”, blue line) is now more accurate as it takes into account the additional calorie burn due to elevated heart rate. This also adds the ability to track additional activities (HIIT, weight-lifting, etc) that do not map well to existing activity models (running, walking, cycling).


Improved Step Count Filter

The step counting algorithm has been further improved to discriminate against false step detection from activities like dish washing or desk work.

In-app Bug Reporting

The apps now include the ability to submit bug reports. Tap on My PowerWatch > Contact Support to submit a bug report.


Some other improvements include:

  • Various BLE bug fixes, includes changes to reduce BLE power consumption.


  • Various iOS and Android app bug fixes.




  • iOS Offline Sync mode
  • Reduced power consumption
  • High visibility activity screen
  • Temperature measurements on watch and apps
  • Font update capability