A massive new update is now available with a new “Interval Training” activity, a completely redesigned activity screen, new complications for the Home screen, altitude data during outdoor activities, on demand heart rate measurements, and many more improvements!


  • Firmware: V2.4.8r0
  • iOS App: V.1.4.2
  • Android App: V1.4.9




The following new features have been added:


New Interval Training Activity

A new Interval Training activity module has been added to the watch. This new activity works best with high intensity interval training (CrossFit workouts) and similar aerobic workouts. In contrast with the Walking or Running modules, this module doesn’t rely on step count to estimate calorie burn. The new activity tracks calorie burn by monitoring overall movement (not merely step count), heart rate and body temperature. As a result, it is much more suitable for tracking calories when activities of a “stop-and-go” nature. Using the Indoor Walking or Indoor Running with such activities results in a massive underestimate of calorie burn. On the other hand, using Interval Training results in accuracy on par with competitive devices.

Revamped Activity Screens

The activity screens have been completely redesigned with enlarged fonts and simplified metrics. The new activity screens are much more readable during a workout and show the Heart Rate Zone during your activity. The maximum heart rate is (220 - your age), and an arrow indicates your heart rate (as a percentage of maximum) along one of four zones: Light (60-70%, blue), Moderate (70-80%, green), Hard (80-90%, amber), Maximum (90-100%, red).





Home Screen Variants

New variants of the Home Screen have been added. These variants place important dashboard metrics right on the Home Screen, so you do not have to open the app to see your overall metrics. Press BACK on the Home screen to cycle through one of four views: Steps + Calories, Sleep + Heart Rate, Temperatures, Power Generation. You can set the default Home screen in Watch Settings > Home Screen.


Temperature Measurements

Temperature measurements are now part of the background logging collected by the watch. The watch monitors your skin temperature every minute and uploads the data to the apps during each sync. Your temperature data is plotted in Temperature charts in the apps.


GPS Altitude

GPS altitude data are now part of the activity logging collected during an outdoor activity. The GPS-derived altitude is now added to all GPS activities. The latest apps will show this altitude data as a blue line overlaid on the heart rate data.


User-initiated Heart Rate Measurements

You can now initiate an on-demand heart rate measurement. On the Heart Rate screen, HOLD SELECT to trigger an immediate measurement of your heart rate.


Font Update Capability

This new feature allows the watch to continue to receive new fonts to support future functionality (emojis, new icons, user backgrounds and watchfaces). The apps will now be able to push updated fonts to the watch when new fonts are available. Sync with the app to download any available font updates.



Some other improvements include:

  • Added ability to set sleep time. Use the apps to tell the watch what time you usually go to bed.
  • Backlight, notification duration and language preferences are now stored and will not be lost upon reset.
  • Power up progress bar. The watch will indicate progress during startup with 3 dots.
  • New design for flash storage. You may lose some settings when updating to this version. Simply sync with the app to restore lost settings, and be sure to review your preferences under Watch Settings.
  • Multiple translation updates. 
  • Multiple BLE stability updates.
  • Some updates to reduce power consumption.




  • iOS Offline Sync mode
  • More reductions in power consumption