The menu system has been rebuilt to allow changes to sync with the app, a battery percentage indicator has been added, new Compass and Heart Rate Variability mini-apps, and activities can now be automatically paused, resumed, and ended to provide more accurate activity results!


  • Firmware: V2.8.3r2
  • iOS App: V.1.4.7
  • Android App: V1.5.5



The following new features have been added:

Updated Menu Protocol

The menu system has been reworked to allow for several preferences under the "Settings" and "System" menus to be easily modified using the app. This system also allows the watch's alarm and timer modes to be set using the app. Please note that the modified setting values will be communicated to the watch once it is connected via Bluetooth, and will not be reflected on the watch until the two have connected. Please note that both the application and firmware need to  be updated in order for this feature to function fully.

Battery Percentage Indicator

A battery percentage value is now located alongside the battery icon on the watch screen. The battery icon is linked to the percentage displayed and will update more accurately than previously possible.


Compass Mini-App

A compass has been added under the "Apps" section of the watch. Once calibrated, the compass provides a numerical heading as well as a text reading of the Cardinal and Primary InterCardinal directions of which direction the watch is facing. There is also an arrow indicating which direction is North that rotates as the watch is moved. It is necessary for the compass to be calibrated before using, as well as after the watch has been placed on the charger. The calibration process involves two steps. The first step requires the watch to be placed on a flat surface for 10 seconds. The second step requires the user to rotate the watch in every direction/across every axis for 30 seconds. The more directions/axis the watch is rotated corresponds to how accurate the compass will be calibrated. If possible, please keep the watch straps away from the back of the watch while calibrating. Once calibration is completed, the screen will automatically transition to the compass.

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Heart Rate Variability Mini-App

The heart rate variability (HRV) app is located under the "Apps" section of the watch. This tool allows the user to measure overall stress and recovery status by measuring the current state of an individual's autonomic nervous system. In general, the typical thought is that the higher the HRV, the higher a user's ability to tolerate stress such as strenuous exercise.

Optimal use of the HRV Mini-App:

  • Perform HRV readings at the same time every day - ideally after waking up, and before eating, drinking, or exercising.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, with the user's arms resting on their lap.
  • Navigate to the HRV mini-app. Press the upper right button on the watch to begin the measurement.
  • The user should begin breathing in and out slowly (approximately five seconds per action) along with the instructions on the watch.
  • After 75 seconds of the slow breathing, the HRV will display to a user with a quality rating. The quality is based upon the amount of noise/motion distortion that occurred during the reading, with a high quality reading being at 100%.

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The default setting for the "Activity Auto Pause" is "Off", and can be toggled "On" by pressing the SELECT button. When enabled, activities will automatically pause when certain inactivity thresholds are met. Once an auto-pause notification is received, the user is able to resume or end the activity, as well as resume the activity while disabling auto-pause for the remainder of the activity.

Activity Thresholds:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Walking: Less than 30 steps per minute for 2 consecutive minutes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Running: Less than 30 steps per minute for 2 consecutive minutes
  • Cycling: If GPS detects less than 50 meters of distance traveled for 2 consecutive minutes
  • HIIT: If motion is at a level approximately equal to sitting with arms at rest for 2 consecutive minutes

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Auto-paused activities are able to auto-resume when certain activity thresholds are met. Since this is only for activities that are auto-paused, the "Activity Auto Pause" user preference needs to be toggled to "On".

Activity Thresholds:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Walking: Either 15 steps or 60 meters traveled
  • Indoor/Outdoor Running: Either 15 steps or 60 meters traveled
  • Cycling: 60 meters traveled
  • HIIT: If motion is detected at a level approximately equivalent to a single swing of an arm


The auto-end functionality is restricted to activities, and will only affect activities if the "Activity Auto Pause" user preference is enabled. When the preference is enabled, then if an activity is paused due to inactivity for five consecutive minutes the activity will be ended and the user will be notified with an "Activity Ended" screen.


HR Notification

Users may now receive a "poor placement" notification during an activity. This notification indicates that the watch has moved during the activity and that the heart rate sensor has not been able to take any clear measurements for two consecutive minutes. The message prompts the user to readjust the watch.

Backlight Notification Setting

The default setting for the backlight notification is "Off", and can be toggled "On" by pressing the SELECT button. When enabled, all notifications that are received will occur with the backlight for the length of time set via the Backlight Duration user preference.



Some other improvements include:

  • Multiple translation updates.
  • Implemented a system of automatically cycling airplane mode four hours into a user's set sleep mode to combat potential Bluetooth issues.
  • Adjusted the stopwatch to only show milliseconds when the timer has been stopped.
  • Adjusted the watch screen's refresh rate while it is on the charger to better track battery percentage while charging.
  • Fixed several instances of resets.
  • Fixed several issues with the Alarm while using the 24-hour time format.
  • Fixed an issue with Watch Mode not updating while on the charger.


  • Weather mini-app
  • Heart Rate Measurement Options
  • Stride Length Settings
  • App Calendar reminders