Unfortunately, we do not always get a product that we would recommend to you. We will therefore not include the headphones in the Wearbuds bracelet in our portfolio.
Subject 1
They are quite interesting, but the body of the watch is really quite large. It's quite unusual, there may be people who are comfortable with 2in1 headphones and watches, but I wouldn't buy them myself.
Subject 2
Too big on the wrist. Quality not much. You wouldn't buy them.
Subject 3
Too big on the wrist. Uncomfortable to wear. They would certainly not buy them even for 1800 CZK. It looks like a cheap Chinese bite. It does not hold in the ears.
Subject 4
Too big. It does not hold in the ears. Terrible workmanship, it looks like a $ 5 bauble from Aliexpress. The display is ... well, it simply is, but that's all. The concept sounds good, the design worse.


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