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All the cables you need on your daily journeys are available in this compact keychain. The latest model in the inCharge series contains exactly 6 connectors, so you will always have the right cable at hand. The extra strong neodymium magnet ensures an elegant and secure attachment to the keys or backpack.

Reviews on Heureka Czechapple:
Martin L. ✪✪✪✪✪ I have been wearing the inCharge 6 universal cable on the keys for more than a week and I cannot praise it. I don't have to deal with cables when I go somewhere, but I just need to take a power bank and I know that I will be able to charge all the devices. For the price of around 450 CZK, this gadget should be available to almost everyone, and I can't think of a better choice for travel as an emergency solution. More












Production is going as planned,
we took a few days to work on some minor adjustments of the molds,
and we are currently manufacturing, here are some pictures:


The packagings are also ready,
they look pretty great! Here are some pictures:

What's the maximum power that inCharge 6 supports?
inCharge 6 and 6 Max can support up to 15W.
Does inCharge 6 support fast charging?
In general, yes. However, fast/rapid/quick charging depends on many factors, such as device, power source, manufacturer permissions and marketing names, so we can't guarantee it will work with every device.
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