SleekStrip® Ultrathin phone grip - Verze: PN14 Gold, white marble


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SleekStrip is a small silicon and steel contraption that “clicks” onto the back of your phone. The amazing feature about SleekStrip it’s now the world’s thinnest phone grip of only 2.9 mm thickness. It’s all metal construction that ensures long-term durability. Suitable for all types of phones.

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Pavel J. ✪✪✪✪✪ So if you are looking for a completely elegant and clever solution for a holder and a stand in one, then you have just come across the real nut - SleekStrip. This product combines quality materials with a simple but very cunning idea that will definitely surprise you. More

Introducing: The SleekStrip

SleekStrip is a breakthrough in phone stand technology!
It’s the world’s thinnest phone stand and grip,
so it doesn’t make your phone look bulky
like most phone stands. 


Better then others

SleekStrip is made of premium materials and tested for durability.
Its unique patent-pending design features flexible metal
with soft rubber coating for a comfortable grip.




The SleekStrip grip ensures your
phone will never slip out of your hands again.



The SleekStrip also acts as a stand with two different angles!


Thin & Sleek Design

Tremendous functionality without the bulk & design compromise.



Don't let the the thinness of SleekStrip fool you. It's stronger than it looks.



Premium Materials, Comfort & Durability

You might think that SleekStrip’s slim design would sacrifice its durability,
but that’s simply not true. Even though SleekStrip is incredibly thin,
it’s built with strong, durable materials that have been tested
to ensure long-lasting durability,
and it has a soft rubber coating that feels smooth to the touch.  


How It Works

Step by step


SleekStrip Makes Your Phone Look Even Better

Today’s smartphones are so beautifully designed,
there’s no reason your phone stand/grip should compromise that.
SleekStrip’s sleek yet humble aesthetic is designed
to complement the quality and style of your phone.



Colour Combinations

Designs that go well with any phone case.

Base: Black, Chrome, or Gold 

Strip: Matte Black, White Marble, or Rainbow


In the Package


Road Map


What materials can you stick SleekStrip onto?
The 3M adhesive of SleekStrip can be stock securely onto metal, wood, rubber, plastics (including soft TPU and hard plastic like PC (polycarbonate)), and glass (via included clear adhesive film).
SleekStrip can be mounted securely to leather case as well, but the surface might get damaged when SleekStrip is removed, depending on the thickness and quality of the leather. SleekStrip CAN NOT stick well to fabric or silicon surfaces.

Will the surface of my phone or phone case get damaged after removing SleekStrip?
No. SleekStrip uses premium 3M adhesive, which will not damage nor leave residue after its removal. However, if the surface is more delicate, such as thin leather case, the surface might get damaged when removing SleekStrip.

Will the adhesive’s stickiness affected by temperature?
The 3M VHB adhesive’s effective working temperature is between -35 to 75 degree celsius.

Can SleekStrip be mounted to phone skin such as dBrand and Slickwrap?
Yes it can!

Will the phone’s wireless charging capability be compromised with SleekStrip mounted?
SleekStrip is compatible with phone’s wireless charging function as long as: 1. SleekStrip is installed correctly on the side of the phone so that it doesn’t block phone’s wireless charging coil located in the center of the phone 2. The phone case (if a phone case is used) is not too thick (3mm or less). It all depends on your wireless charger’s charging distance, but normally, SleekStrip combining with phone case of 3mm thickness or less will work fine with the majority of wireless chargers.

Will my phone’s mobile payment function be compromised by SleekStrip?
No. SleekStrip doesn’t have any magnets and won't affect mobile payment such as Apple pay or Google Pay.

Can SleekStrip be used on Nintendo Switch?
We don’t recommend it. SleekStrip is not designed for Nintendo Switch.

Is the adhesive backing reusable?
No, the 3M adhesive is one-time use only. We chose this adhesive because it has better adhesion strength than those repeatable types. But don’t worry, we will include an “installation tool” for you to mount the SleekStrip perfectly on your phone, and we will also include three 3M adhesive tapes for you to reaply SleekStrip.

Is SleekStrip suitable to use with tablet?
SleekStrip is designed for mobile phones, and is not suitable for tablets.

How big of a surface area is needed to stick SleekStrip?

  • SleekStrip itself:
    W: 1.425 cm (9/16”) L: 9.95 cm (3 15/16”)
  • Optional adhesive film
    (for mounting SleekStrip on glass material)
    W: 1.78 cm (11/16”) L: 10.38 cm (4 ⅛”)

Can you use SleekStrip on Google Pixel phones?
Yes. The narrow footprint of SleekStrip allows it to be mounted close to the side of a phone, so that it won’t block phone’s back fingerprint reader or wireless charging coil.

Can SleekStrip be mounted directly onto phones with glass back?
Yes. SleekStrip can be mounted on phone’s glass back (including iPhone 8, X, Xs, 11, 11 Pro, and other glass back phones), glass phone case, glass phone protector, and other glass materials by first applying the included clear adhesive film before mounting SleekStrip.

tilt Yes
Holder type PopSocket, on hand, on the table, stands
Universal yes
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