This project deals with collection of electrical waste in the Czech Republic and was launched in January 2008.
The goal is easy recycling of electrical equipment without having to
travel to a collection yard or other special places.
As we are not indifferent to the environment, we allow our employees and businesses to
with whom we cooperate, the disposal of batteries and old electrical equipment in an environmentally friendly way.
We throw electrical waste into a collection box, which is located directly in our company. Removal of corporate waste is free of charge.


We will advise you ...

Consumers have an essential role to play in the new electrical or battery management system. He is the one who decides what to do with the old device. Old and unnecessary electrical equipment and batteries do not belong to municipal waste containers or to black landfills!
The consumer is informed by the symbol below that the relevant electrical equipment or batteries do not belong in the household waste. This marks any new electrical equipment or batteries. The symbol may appear directly on the device, on its packaging or in the instruction manual or in the warranty card.

 Collection points ...

It is possible to dispose of electrical appliances and batteries which most people put in cellars, attics or cottages free of charge at take-back points
Manufacturers and importers must provide consumers with free so-called 'take-back' of electrical and electronic equipment or batteries, and must also finance these activities. On behalf of manufacturers, importers and sellers of electrical and electronic equipment we fulfill these obligations through the collective system REMA System a.s.
You can also use REMA collection points for your old appliance (https://www.rema.cloud/sberna-mista/)
or order a pick-up service free of charge "BE TOWY" (https://www.rema.cloud/bud-liny/)
or "re: BALIK" (https://www.rema.cloud/re-balik/).

Obligations under the law

Obligations of take-back and recovery of packaging waste are, according to the law, imposed on persons (legal and natural persons doing business),
which place packaging or packaged products on the market or into circulation; import, fill, import into the Czech Republic or sell.
Packaging is defined as any product made of a material of any nature,
which is intended for the conception, protection, manipulation, delivery or presentation of products intended for the consumer (citizen)
or for another end user.
Main obligations:
1. Ensure the take-back and recovery of packaging waste (§ 10 and 12)
- Take-back - Collection of used packaging from consumers in the Czech Republic
for reuse, recovery or disposal of packaging waste.
- Ensure that packaging waste placed on the market or
were put into circulation to the extent specified in Annex 3 of the Act.
2. List of persons (§ 14)
A person who places packaging or packaged products on the market or puts it into circulation,
is obliged to submit a proposal for entry in the List of Persons,
carrying the obligation to take back or recover packaging waste,
no later than 60 days from the occurrence of the obligation.
3. Records (§ 15)
A person registered in the list of persons (§14) is obliged to: keep records;
to report data to the MoE by 15 February at the latest;
keep records for at least 5 years; prove the veracity of the data
4. Registration and registration fee (§ 30)
There is a registration fee of CZK 800 for registration in the List (§ 14)
and shall be paid for registration in this List in the following calendar years
registration fee of the same amount always for the past
calendar year by 15 February of the following year at the latest.
5. Conditions for placing packaging on the market (§ 4)
Reduce the volume of heavy metals and hazardous substances in packaging
(Obligation for persons marketing packaging and packaging products)
6. Prevention (§ 3)
Minimize packaging volume and weight
subject to the requirements of the packaged product.
(Obligation for persons placing packaging on the market)
7. Labeling of packaging (§ 6)
The Packaging Act does not impose an obligation to mark packaging placed on the market or put into circulation.
However, if you choose to label the material from which the packaging was made,
you are obliged under Section 6 of the Packaging Act
mark it in accordance with European Community law.

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